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How to root access in Android 4.4.2 LG G2 KitKat

how 2 LG android root

lg g2 root ioroot25 4.4.2 supersu

root access for android

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As you know Android 4.4.2 has begun to reach all LG G2 variants , lacking only the variant of Claro PR . Although this is an advantage in performance for the G2 , anyone to update their team lost root access . But this " tragedy " today ends by AutoPrime known developer XDA community . AutoPrime was responsible for giving us the first method rooteo the LG G2 Android 4.2.2 and now has done it again .
Turns out AutoPrime updated TOOL for rooteo IOroot to gain access to it. Best of all is that the process is very simple and only takes several steps , most of them automatic . Get root access on the LG G2 with this tool alone has several "clicks " on your computer and several two or three " clicks " in the recovery menu of your computer.
This method is compatible with the following models of LG G2:
D800 - All
D801 - TMO , CLR , WND , VTR [ All]
D802 - All
D803 - All
D805 - All
D806 - All
F320K (Shipping ROM)
F320K - All 4.4.2
F320L (Shipping ROM)
F320L - All 4.4.2
F320S (Shipping ROM)
F320S - All 4.4.2
Note that this tool also works with the LG Optimus G variants of G and G Flex Pro 2 . To check if your version supports this tool can access the original XDA link .
What do you need ?
1. Download the drivers and install them on your computer. When finished restart the computer.
2 . IOroot25 Download the program file and unzip the contents.
3 . Enable "USB Debbugging " (Debug Mode). For this you must have enabled the development options of your team. Settings> General > About device> Build Number . Press repeatedly on the field Compilation Number until you see the message "You 're a developer ." Press "back" and active " Advanced" option "USB Debugging" or "Debug Mode". For more reference you can see the video below.
4 . G2 LG Connect your computer and choose the option " Load Only "
5 . Enters the program folder and choose the IOroot25 root.bat file and follow the instructions.

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How to root a LG G2 4.4.2 (KitKat), step by step
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I made it.. I love you guys!

Thank  you so much!
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New method rooteo for LG Volt, the new Android phone developed by the South Korean company LG, company specialized in electronic products, mobile phones and petrochemicals, is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world, developing technological advances in electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, employing currently more than 84,000 people. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, LG is one of the largest electronic conglomerates in the world, the company has 75 subsidiaries worldwide.


  • From your phone, go to Settings> Security> Phone Administration. Make sure the "Unknown sources" option is checked.
  • Enter the web address towelroot.com over the phone. Once inside, click the lambda symbol appearing tr.apk to download the file.
  • Install and run Towelroot. Click on the option that says "making it ra1n", the device should automatically restart after about fifteen seconds.
  • Install BusyBox program available link "Download resources".
  • Download the SuperSU program (available in "Download resources" at the end of this article).
  • Unzip the zip file you just downloaded, open the folder with the "common" name, and looking superuser.apk. Move it to your phone and install.
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