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How to hide applications on Huawei Honor 7? Can you help me?

How to hide applications on Huawei Honor 7? Can you help me?

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How to hide files and applications on Android

Smartphones contain a large amount of private or sensitive information, personal emails, bank details ... Smart phones are not impenetrable, and it is easy to circumvent security screen lock. So, how can we keep our data safe on Android? Below we will list three applications to ensure that our private information is kept private.


AppLock lets you set passwords or unlock patterns for specific applications or areas of our phone, perfect if you do not want to block the Home screen, but we want to keep specific data secure.

We find a list of all applications on the device in the main menu AppLock. Here we'll decide what applications should be password protected and which not.

AppLock is extremely fast and easy to set up, and be able to restrict access to the most important elements. There are also many customization options such as the ability to block certain phone functions such as accepting calls or access the settings. Some of the advanced features are reserved for the paid version of the application.

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