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How to solve Windows error: no CD or DVD drive initiated by damage to the registry (code 19, 31, 32, 39 and 41)

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1. Started the registry editor . The easiest is to press simultaneously on your keyboard key - of -logo- for -windows - key + R , and when a box indicating that they will open the regedit program give " OK " appears. In Windows XP you can also click on Start, Run, then type " regedit " (without quotation marks) and we give "OK". In Windows Vista and Windows 7 click Start, then in the search field "regedit " is written and press " Enter" , and finally confirm that we want to open the registry editor . In Windows 8 type " regedit" in the Start screen and on the left side of the screen icon editor we will appear, press and go.
. 2 We locate the " HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" entry and you click on it to view its contents :
3 . Input Access the "SYSTEM" by clicking on it also .
4 . Now we enter the " CurrentControlSet " entry.
. 5 We positioned the entry " Control" and expanded contents:
6. Sailed to the "Class " was also expanded with the mouse :
7. Among the "Class" entry have to locate the entry " { 4D36E965 -E325- 11CE -BFC1- 08002BE10318 }". Be careful because there are lots of entries starting with 4D3 and end with 318 , so do not be guided only by the first and last digits . Locate the exact entry , as shown in this statement:
. 8 This is an optional step , but I believe in case: as a precaution you have to export the registry entry to retrieve it if you believe necessary . For that you have to click on the entry with the right mouse button and choose "Export." That record in our pc back entrance as it was before editáramos registration .
9. Then we place on the right display the UpperFilters key and remove by right mouse button on it and choosing Delete. If the key appears in our LowerFilters registry also do the same .
10. Ask if you want Windows to delete the key , warning that it can leave the operating system unstable . Confirm the deletion.
11. Done. Now restart the computer to load the modified record .
To check if the problem is solved open Device Manager and look for our reading unit - CD and DVD burner . Then we notice it no longer has the yellow icon with exclamation mark , which means that Windows has successfully started our device.
And if we want to prove we can insert a CD- ROM to display its contents , or if our unit is recording we can proceed to burn a CD and do it without any problem.

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In our case the Windows Device Manager showed us the error code 19, but in the Windows Support page reports that may appear alternately error codes 31, 32 , 39 and 41 These codes are as follows. :
"Windows can not start this hardware device because its configuration information ( in the registry ) is incomplete or damaged . (Code 19) " .
" The device is not working properly because Windows can not load the drivers required for this device . (Code 31) " .
" Disabled the driver (service ) for this device. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. ( Code 32 ) . "
"Windows can not load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing . (Code 39 ) " .
"Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but can not find the hardware device . ( Code 41 ) . "
That means that the solution has indicated Microsoft and we're plotting this article is for all those error codes. That said, we proceed to illustrate the tutorial.
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