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My ps3 controller was stolen how can I use my smartphone

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  • First of all the most complicated, you need to have a command of PS3 or an Xbox 360, in the case of the latter, you also need the adapter cable to connect to the PC, to control the PlayStation 3 simply the USB cable you use to charge your battery.
  • Then get in RadioShack, Steren, or any conventional accessory shop, a micro-USB OTG adapter cable, which will function as a means of connection between the control and the Android device is very cheap, but a command, costs about 3 Euros.
  • The third step, equally complicated: Open the application menu on your Android, connect all the cables and press the start button on the remote. In this Pundo analog stick will function to navigate between menu options. The buttons on Xbox 360 and PS3 X will function as "enter" key.
  • Finally, load a game that has support for physical controls and enjoy. Dead Trigger, Asphalt 7, or any of OnLive, work great with these controls, including emulators on other platforms, such as PS One classic NES, Super NES and Genesis, which allow you even customize the button assignments and commands .

Now with the change of generation of consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to come, we will have an interesting opportunity for you to get more out of our control of these platforms that are already renovated.

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