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Hi all / as, I made a last batch editing and have a few days ago.
When I came I loaded, configured and seeing that came with the firmware 1.1.4, I upgraded to 1.1.5 by wifi. The first two days went well, I have just installed the viewer that ultilizo Perfect for viewing images and small game, the Jewels star, factory else.
You see I do not give a very intensive to say, at least for now, but yesterday the unlock switch on and after sliding the lock, the black screen is me, only show me the bottom right icons and battery the wifi.
Depending on the occasion it may be 20 or 30 seconds and until it seems responsive and desk lights and it all goes well.
At other times it remains off 40s to a minute until a window: ". The launcher application is not responding would you close Wait or OK?", If I wait, the desktop after some time appears and there all right but since yesterday every time I turn so does. :?
I have not installed almost nothing, and I use it in very basic. What could have happened?

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It may be that there has been a failure in the update, reset to factory data, pulls back the apks as this will leave it clean of all, to make it go to Settings - Backup and hit Reset to Factory Data .

Then you mention me, if you still happening.

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Soft Reset clear you've done all you do is you take everything external to the tablet, so if persists is not a bad application, but by some internal software failure.

Anyway, I mention, it is normal that once you start and is the home screen, late as 10 or 15 seconds, which is already starting all processes of the tablet, applications, connections etc.
That's also normal that if you open prematurely give you problems with the launcher as this is still starting and setting, but a minute is a long time.

I also tell you that after a new installation, reset as you have done or firmware change, the very beginning, but especially the former is desperate is because putting everything in place and adjusting the tablet to change, there are people that has come to take almost 10 minutes, I personally never more than 5, generally between 2 and 3.

So if you take a minute it is fine, another thing is that after a couple of days and several turned on and off, at least they are 5 or 6, you continue taking the same or more.


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If we have a phone LANIX we realize that our team can get to show the message has stopped application launcher. the worst is that the message continues to appear and practically does not let us do anything.

Well, this is caused when we stop or remove an application from the phone brings factory installed (if Telcel). What is the solution? Install another launcher, we will continue to the next tutorial.

We begin:
1. We open the notification and go to Settings.

2. We see this screen and select Applications.

3. Applications we go to ALL and select Google Play Store.

4. We slipped down and played horn Drive.

5. Now enter the Play Store, we only need to find and install the launcher of our choice and go! (I use Nova Launcher).


[Update] If any of the above options are not displayed, try the following ...

1. Valla to the Play Store on your computer and locate the launcher of your choice (you need to log in to the account associated google we have on our phone), once we click Install.

2. The application will be sent to your phone and install.