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It is quite legitimate to want to know everything about the guts of a PC: performance, device type, hard drive capacity, memory type, etc.

Whether you come to buy your PC or just want to know that he did not come time to change motherboard or increase the RAM,Sandra lite  tell you: what types of ports used, power management, the specifics of your OS, or the version of DirectX.

But most important is that the software embeds an impressive batch of Benchmark to test the power of your possession, the speed of your hard drive or your memory with comparison schools.



SiSoftware Sandra 3

SiSoftware Sandra can analyze the configuration of a PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 in the smallest details.

Here are the main features of SiSoft Sandra Lite:

  • Detection equipment: SiSoft Sandra Lite can see the list of all the hardware components of your PC and display their frequency and their connection mode with the motherboard.It also displays the type of equipment by specifying the manufacturer and model.
  • Performance test: SiSoft Sandra Lite can do tests on the material to know their maximum capacity.
  • Reporting: This software displays the results of each analysis in table form to color codes.

Download SiSoft Sandra Lite

Note that the version I downloaded the offers is a Lite version is free but limited in remote systems compatibility and support for Pocket PC and Smartphones.

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