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How to customize Samsung Home Screen

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  • Personalize your Samsung Galaxy Android Smart mobile phone according to your needs and access your favorite applications in one tap.
  • Go to the main screen.
  • Press on an empty space and hold the pressure for a few seconds.
  • Choose Widgets .
  • Choose a widget, in this case scroll right and choose YouTube Music .
  • Choose a widget, in this case YouTube Music , and touch it for a few seconds.
  • Drag the widget to a location on a main screen.
  • Touch the screen.
  • The widget has been placed on the main screen.
  • To remove a widget, touch the widget for a few seconds.
  • Choose Delete .
  • The widget has been removed from the main screen.
  • You can also customize the wallpaper of your Samsung Galaxy A52s mobile phone with one of your photos by setting it as wallpaper.

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