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Android Developer Options: How can enable them?

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We teach you to configure the Android development.

From Android 4.2 onwards, Google decided to hide the Android developer options for a simple reason: a user of Android means would never need these options; and, in fact, tinkering with them could only lead to a strange behavior on your phone. In general, changing the options Android developer did not spoil the telephone system; however, it can lead to slight visual changes and how we interact with our phone. More importantly, it may become less secure.

The most common access options reason is to enable developer mode debugging USB for direct connection between your Android phone and your computer to give orders or carry out installations, but there are many other reasons.

Enabling developer options

The process is the same on all phones Android. So we'll just go to Settings> About phone and press 7 times in a row, quickly, Build number. Now, adjustments, we will have a new menu appeared: development options.

Development optionsSince access the Build number varies by manufacturer, we will show you how on the most popular phones.

Options enable development in phone Samsung Galaxy S

1.      Go to Settings> About phone

2.      In On the phone go all the way down to the choice Build number

3.      Press 7 times

Options enable development in mobile HTC One

1.      Go to Settings> About

2.      Here, go to Software information> More

3.      In More look for the option Build number

4.      Press 7 times

Options enable development in mobile LG G

1.      Go to Settings> About phone

2.      In On the phone go to the Software Information

3.      Look Build number

4.      Press 7 times

Disabling developer options

And he has been found. He has done what he needed, and now want to disable; just in case. It's a little more complicated and we offer two ways to do it.

Method 1

1.      Go to Settings> Applications.

2.      Go to

3.      Locate the option Settings> Clear data.

This will erase your data and developer options, but does not work on all devices.

Method 2

1.      Make a backup of your data.

2.      Go to Settings> Backup> Restore factory data.

This will erase all data on your device, but also the option of development.


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