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For a couple of days ago my phone has acted weird: it gets very hot, some applications do not open, I can not connect either a PC or a Mac, run down very quickly and the worst thing is that when you turn off or restart, Turning Off NO! It is very rare, really ... and do not know what else to do, so I can not restore even because I have info on cell I have to go to the PC before connecting it but not let me ... I'm very worried. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.

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You could try to pass information to the external SD card or you can connect a flash drive USB OTG and spend all the pendrive and say well solves the problem of connecting to PC.
In any way I advise you first of all try to enter the recovery mode and do a wipe cache partition and if you are root David also do a wipe cache. You will not lose any data and often problems are solved as well.
We you comment.

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Hello. Thank you very much for your help.
Truth can not give more expected and had to make the recovery to factory version, I lost some data.
Even I have a problem that does not turn off the phone, but at least no longer overheats or is discharged at high speed.
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What exactly does the mobile off when you try ?.
Off process begins .... ago as it goes but it is only a reboot and restarts ????
Or directly or respond to key off.
It could be the button itself is defective.
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No, the button responds perfectly. I do not know how to explain it...
Press the button, gives me the options (flight mode, restart, shut down ... "), I give off, he says" the phone is off, "I accept, the animation always comes out when I turn it off, but there is is, with animation that there static ... I tried to leave 30 minutes and not off it unless I remove the battery
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Well, if your problem is rare and even having already reset to factory state.
As the rom not have to be an error.
You could try reinstalling the rom with Odin, downloading of SamMobile.
Another thing I can not think.
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