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How to enable WhatsApp notifications on Xiaomi Mi Band 6?

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Your xiaomi Mi Band 6 must be linked with your mobile phone and this can be done by following the steps we describe here before anything else.

  • First, access the "My Fit" application, which you must have downloaded to connect the mobile to the Xiaomi band.
  • Once inside, you will see 3 options in the bottom bar. Click on "Profile" in the third row.
  • Now in the “My Devices” section you will find the “Xiaomi Mi Band 3” option. Click on it to access the bracelet or band settings.
  • On the new screen, click on the "Application Alert" option.
  • Now, enable the “App Alert” tab to receive notifications of apps on Mi Band 3. Click “Manage apps” at the bottom of the screen to select the Apps you want to receive notifications from.
  • In the list of applications, select WhatsApp by clicking this option; will be marked in blue.
  • Now, in the list of apps with alerts, WhatsApp will appear.
  • Currently, when you receive a message via WhatsApp App, you will be notified about the Xiaomi bracelet.
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