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Method 1: restart Android phone in recovery mode

 Here are some of those combinations.

  • Hold the Power +Volume Up buttons.
  • Press and hold Power +Home +Volume Up buttons
  •  Press and hold Power +Volume Down buttons
  • Press and hold Power +Home+ Volume Downbuttons.

Method 2: Try Different Key Combinations to Fix the "No Command" Error

You can try the following key combinations that you need to test the recovery mode on your Android phone.


  •  Press the "Power + Volume Down + Home" buttons to open the menu
  •  or press the "Power + Volume Down" buttons
  • Press the "Power + Volume Up + Home" buttons
  • or press the "Power + Volume Up" buttons
  • press and hold the "Power + Home" buttons. And see if these key combinations work for you.

Method 3: Wipe cache partition to fix "No command" error

Go to Recovery mode Select Wipe cache partition

Method 4: factory reset Android

Go to Recovery mode Select factory reset

Method 5: install the operating system update manually

  •  Press “Volume Down + Power + Home” buttons together to enter recovery mode
  •  select the option “Apply update from cache”, select the available operating system update
  •  Again, press the "Power" button to install the update manually. If you are getting errors while the custom ROM is flashing, select the option "Apply update from external storage"
  • Go to the "Updater" option and select the already downloaded file

Method 6:Reboot the system Manually

  • Press and hold down the Volume down keys with the power button at once.
  • Use the volume keys to navigate through the options the phone listed for you.
  • Get to apply update from the cache and open it by pressing your phone’s power button.
  • Choose the available update, install it manually by pressing the power key. 

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