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How to create a chat group on Telegram

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How to create a chat group on Telegram

The process is very simple, and we are only going to need to be the administrators of a group. With this, we will have everything to be able to have that discussion group or gathering.

We go to the group and go to its information. Once here, we must click on the "Edit" tab to access the configuration. In this section we will see several tabs, but the one that interests us is the "Permissions" tab .

Within this tab, we will see that we have several options to activate or deactivate and that at the bottom we have a section with the name of "Slow mode" .

This will be the one that allows us to configure the response time of each user. In other words, the time each person will have to wait to answer. Now it only remains to indicate the time we want and that's it.

Without a doubt, a great way to create a discussion group or a gathering, without being interrupted by another or changing the subject without reading what we have posted.

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