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Option 1 Use the "Retry" button

On the same NW 2-5 error screen, Netflix also shows you 2 buttons. One of them is: Retry

Click on this button to check if the error disappears and you can connect to the Netflix servers that allow the content to be played.

Option 2 Check the internet connection / network you are connected to. (Ethernet or Wifi)

As we mentioned at the beginning of the Post, the error usually occurs when your device has problems connecting to the Internet or to the Netflix server.

An Internet connection and its correct operation is essential to be able to play Netflix content. Often times a drop in the bandwidth of your internet connection can be responsible for this error. To make sure your internet connection is working, run a network connection test or try connecting to the internet with another device and see if you can do it smoothly and at good speed.

Option 3: Check if there are any restrictions with the use of the Internet

Sometimes, the NW-2-5 error can be due to a blockage configured in the WiFi or Ethernet network to which you are connected. This is usually something that affects public networks or other users since if you are connected to your private network you can be sure that this block is not responsible (if you have not configured one).

Therefore, if you are using the Wi-Fi network at work, university or hotel, you may have a Netflix access restriction or simply limit the bandwidth to each connected user that causes the NW-2 error to be displayed. 5.

Network administrators of a public or work network often disable access to streaming services for movies and series such as Netflix, which causes the problem to appear.

Unfortunately in these types of situations in which we do not have control over the network to which we are connected, we will not be able to solve the error. However, we will always have the possibility of requesting the network administrators to remove the restriction or increase the bandwidth.

Option 4: Restart your device

If you notice that other devices connected to the same network have no problem connecting to the internet, then the problem may be caused by the computer on which you want to play Netflix content.

Usually when the device we use Netflix on has been connected to a network for several days, the DNS cache can fill up and cause error NW-2-5. To solve the error, you must close all the apps and programs on the device and proceed to restart them.

If this was the problem, after the restart you will have no problem playing the Netflix content without receiving the error.

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