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iphone error 47

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  • Restart your iphone device and your computer
  • Update your iTunes to the latest version
  •  Check security settings
  •  Reset the Lockdown folder
  • Rename the backup file
try this solution it will work 
Hello help with my iphone 5
I have looked everywhere and found no internet and the solution is to install a day to actualize ios 9.0.2 and everything was going great in the process of restoration but derepente stayed in restoring firmware and took about 10 minutes and appeared an error -47 and I stay in recovery mode and search the internet said it was nby Windows Firewall disable it with the antivirus temporarily for but the same thing happened again and so far I get no help me repair
I jailbreak and wanted to restore because I was fault and when I went to restore stayed in apple put it in DFU mode connect it to itunes yrestaure my iphone from itunes and had to upgrade to version 9.1 when you are setting out in waiting iPhone and iPhone is disconnected and is now in the apple and when I connect to iTunes starts to vibrate what can I do? it is urgent, thank you.
You put it in recovery mode, how: recovery mode:
Press the Home + Power button until you exit the apple of Apple, when the power comes loose but holding down Home until you see the symbol of iTunes. When it does open iTunes on your computer and connect iPhone, iPhone should recognize as recovery mode and let you restore, follow the instructions on the screen.
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