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Hello ... I have a question-problem ...
I have a S4 GT-i9500 and in many places I frequent much the network signal or low level disappears. I had previously commented that the GT-I337M model and I did not pass this being in the same places with the same cell at the same company and both climatological and geographical conditions (added this information if something influences) and not lose the signal as i9500 ...
Someone knows what should and how can I fix it ??

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Check in Play Store if you have the latest Radio Service ANT and ANT + Puging Service. This helps a lot.

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Thank you very much for the recommendation, but at the role of these apps are used for heart rate monitors heart rhythms and, I mean for sports. And I'll download and testing to see if they help me. Thanks and regards!!
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ANT + Plugins Service:

This service is similar to the system components that allow other forms of wireless connectivity on your phone (WiFi ie., NFC) and will not run or system resources unless you start an application that requires an ANT wireless communication. It is pre-installed by the manufacturer of the device to allow the built-in ANT wireless hardware already present in the mobile device to operate.

Playstore description.
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