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How to unlock my keyboard on my laptop

How to unlock your keyboard solution 

samsung laptop how to unlock the keyboard

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Lock functions
  1. Check your keyboard to mean any light on numbers lock , Caps Lock and Scroll Lock . Many times people turn these functions inadvertently .
  2. Disables the function by pressing the appropriate key on your keyboard until the light goes off. Sometimes , you have to press the Fn ( function) key while you squeeze the button to activate and deactivate . This varies from computer to computer .
  3. Test your keyboard and see if it works.
Accessibility Options
  1. Click the Start button on the desktop taskbar .
  2. Open the Control Panel and press Options Accessibility . If you're running a newer operating system such as Windows Vista or Windows 7 , open the settings menu Ease of Access .
  3. Select the option to adjust the keyboard settings .
  4. Check that the Special Keys , Filter Keys and Activation Keys disabled ( uncheck the box next to each option ) . These functions alter the performance of the keyboard, and could make you look retarded or blocked .
  5. Apply changes and click " OK". Try and see if your keyboard works .
Removing the battery
  1. Sal and close all programs on your laptop. If your notebook 's keyboard is completely disabled , use the cursor or touch pad to complete the task .
  2. Turn off your laptop ( Start then press the Shut Down option ) .
  3. Wait for your computer to shut down and close it . Unplug the AC adapter port adapter , and turn the computer so you can see the battery.
  4. Open and remove the battery from the computer.
  5. Wait a minute or two , then reinstall the battery and placing it back in the tray according to the instructions in the user manual. Reconnect the AC adapter and press the power button on your laptop.

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Can"t see the keyboard mouse how can I fine it
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open your laptop and than go to Control Panel.>Accessibility>Keyboard> none of the boxes have a check in them. than save all setting and exit
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Taking battery out worked. Thanks.
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Thank you! The whole typing on the computer bit, super helpful. Take care!
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worked. the problem was caps lock - keyboard keys were unresponsive
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My laptop keywords doesnt wrk..usb keybord also no suported.wt i do?
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Taking out the battery, and leaving it out for several minutes, worked when nothing else did. Thank you.
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Worked!!  Thank you!
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Thanks..  You really solved my keypad problem.
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Really helpful
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The battery reset fixed mine also.  Perfect, thanks.
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Taking the battery out fixed it!  Thank you!
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laptop keyboad lock @ rate
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