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Hello everyone :
Following the statutes of to do tuscani , step by step and repeating when the problem appeared , rootee my HTC Explorer and prepared to put a ROM  I commented where I think is the problem.
In step 22 of the tutorial, the of taking his recovery , I open cmd window , but when you run the recovery.bat only reaches the point where it says "press any key to continue " and then apparently does nothing. I think it does nothing because it directly closes without any message appear equal or similar to the image posted on the tutorial.
Confident that if the recovery was complete , I went ahead with the tutorial: I installed the superuser to complete the rooteo ; began the tutorial to change the ROM , made ​​with Titanium backup copy ; partitioned in the memory card (SDHC 4GB Class 4) , completed the wipe data , wipe cache partition on , and wipe dalvik cache , I started to install the ROM and ... white snapshot and has been mobile since yesterday.
I have repeated all the steps carefully , without advancing nothing, but nothing , the mobile still dead .
I need help , please.
Thank you !

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After you lit the mobile and root went well? 
It may be problem of how to flash the rom, because the root process apparently has not given you any problems. 
Try doing 3 wipe again and stick a rom of the most basic. For example jaggyrom1.0_stock because with the kind of your card that is the best you can get. 
You can also try the Querty_v3_rom out there say that's fine. 
Other often work well but how class 6 cards minimum. 
The process rooteo Clearly you've done well, unless you do not remember any errors that gave you, but as you mention you get to the end of the tutorial without problems. 
Try and get the jaggyrom1.0_stock comets us to see if that fixes.
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I'm trying jaggyrom1.0_stock precisely. It seemed to install correctly, but nothing. Right now I can not do anything with the phone, not even from the menu of the 3 robots. By giving recovery or factory reset the mobile gets caught on the white screen with the HTC logo. 
I've tried to run the unzipping recovery.bat, without decompressing the file. Zip, el. Rar ... and nothing, no solution.
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Then something had to go wrong in the process of rooteo. 
Try to root again or factory reset to see if we are lucky.
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ahh else, you download a RUU to see if it solves your problem. 
It is a. Exe that opens from the computer and you will go following the steps prompted.
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The process rooteo I have repeated several times, but nothing ... And now I'm just a RUU to see if I recover, but neither him because mobile does not turn beyond the menu of the 3 robots, and does not recognize it either. 
I'm desperate!
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Then will not let you install any other ROM? 
You say that stays on this screen and you give what you give mobile stays in the white HTC screen?

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Nothing ... Business as usual. I'm already planning to be serviced, but do not know how to put it appear locked as XDA forum and I covered by warranty ..
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Well no idea ... See if someone brings something.
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XDA forum said that in post # 2 explains how to put it in locked, but I searched and can not find that post ... I've tried fastboot oem locked, and what appears is re-locked, so it would not be me. 
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Ask also for other sections HTC in wildfire or something, see if you guide a little ...
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I've tried both exe files of European RUU, and both tell me the same after trying to retrieve the phone. Than the version is not correct, and should find a suitable RUU. I have 1.17.401.2 and 1.28.401.1, but my phone is I have tried to find the RUU for that version, but without success.
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