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Solutions to the problem of battery and WIFI in the Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge

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Hi guys.
I know there is an official thread for the battery issue, but I think it is interesting to make a "spin off" to discuss the problem that happens to many with the S6. Y is basically the battery is drained almost completely even at rest.
This is what has been happening to me these days
As you can see, low battery and low morning still unused, something totally unusual to the point of passing 100% load at midnight 20% to 10 o'clock.
However, as noted in the official thread, it seems to be wifi problem, which does not allow the handset to come into deep sleep, which is the process that leaves him in "standby" with little expense.
Well, after making some changes in the configuration of wireless, this is the result
It has spent only 3% of battery in about 7 hours. This SI was expected.
But to 'solve' the problem, what I did was enter the wireless settings and select the following options
The downside is that sometimes the wifi is turned off (not during use of the same but in this period of deep sleep) and mobile data activated. But I prefer the small expense that can make receiving push to run out of battery in a few hours.
I understand that this is something that the company fixed in any update.
If you have more information or opinions on the subject, comment


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I have not had any problems with the issue of which you speak, that if I load floor every night, but almost always stay at home and have not seen a drop in battery of these, so if I can say from experience is that the 5 GHz band gives a lot lower than 2.4 coverage, I think with a smaller mobile coverage will consume more, in every way for your case always connect to 2.4.
Diferencialas networks and rename, delete the 5GHz on mobile and leave the setting alone to 2.4 GHz.
To all this I use the 5 GHz. on the phone but I made sure that I have coverage throughout the house.
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Thanks , but that's normal to have corrected the problem, as you marked the option of active suspension WiFi Never. So every time you turn off the screen WiFi is disconnected and the data is made.
Another partner in the thread of the batteries being tested with three WiFi networks came to the conclusion that it does not happen in all, I only had the problem in one of them, the other two mobile will fit right in deep sleep.
It is very strange, is Incompatible with certain models of routers, or any configuration thereof?
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