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Hello mates, see if I can help. It Springtomize 2 yesterday upgraded to the latest version, with such bad luck that I was not working properly ... I decided to uninstall it and return to a version earlier , but more testing on different repos no settled, giving me the following error (even if still gives me what I try to install): "Trying to overwrite / System / Library / PreferenceBundles / ST2Preferences. bundle/ar.lproj/Localizablestrings, Sub-progress / usr / bin / dpkg returned an error code (1) " The fact is that from what little I gather, I think the installation of Springtomize left remains of the own app to uninstall. I decided to install the application via ifile and when I installed it gave me another error, can not remember which it was. When I rebooted the phone, I was left in the block and did not go there, I had to restart giving the + volume button to enter safe mode. I get well this way, but if I restart the phone, the same things happen again: until you start in Safe Mode ... My question is: is there any way to make a clean application cydia and remains without unnecessary to restore the phone from 0? I already tried with iCleaner to make a clean and nothing ... In the list of applications Cydia does not leave Springtomize, however I cannot reinstall it, that means out there "remains" of tweak. 


/ usr / bin / dpkg returned an error code (1) cydia

cydia error code (1)

sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) cydia

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Which is what NEXT: 
1 - I open nautilus with root privileges: alt + f2 ... y: gksu nautilus. 
2 - go to var / lib / dpkg / info /, 
3 - there I delete all files that reference "package-name". 
4 - close the nautilus and open Synaptic. 
5 - Now look, "package-name", I get marked for deletion and give it to apply. 
6 - now if the "-package-name" is cleared. 
7 - Synaptic longer works properly, let me install, uninstall, delete, etc.. 
or if this does not work ... 
within the var / lib / dpkg / status file replace the line 
Status: install reinstreq half-installed 
Status: install ok installed 
God bless

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thank you Alya
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Thank you so much ... I fix my me the same problem with the "oracle-java7-installer" package 
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I also have a problem only with the Oracle JDK 8 . How can I solve
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excellent your help, really long since sought a solution to a similar problem, and applying a second recommendation to achieve what he wanted. A hug and thanks again!
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Finally I solved the problem! Just download and install iFile 
1. Sign Cydia and download iFile. 
Two. CLOSE Cydia! 
Three. Open iFile. 
Three. Head to the first folder "/". 
April. Slide to the top and you will see a search field. 
May. Search on "Hierarchy" the application you want to uninstall, so in my case was "MyWi" (without the quotes). 
6. deletes all files that contain the phrase you want to delete the application, in my case was "MyWi" 
7. Once deleted all files, Closes Open iFile and Cydia. 
8. Head to Manage> Packages> "uninstall application" in my case was "MyWi"> Modify> Remove 
Now remove it completely! 
Finally I solved the problem! Just download and install iFile 
1. Open Cydia and download iFile. 
2. CLOSE Cydia! 
3. Open iFile. 
4. Navigate to the top (first) folder. 
5 Scroll to the top and you'll see a search field. 
6 Search in "Hierarchy" mode for "MyWi". 
6. Delete all files container containing the phrase "MyWi" 
7. Close iFile and open Cydia. 
8. Go to Manage> Packages> MyWi OnDemand> Modify> Remove 
Now it will remove it completely! 
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Another thing that occurs to me is that dpkg version that comes in either old CD (some have been updated since October dpkg ...) and the file you restored is not compatible with the rest of your installation. You can go to http://packages.ubuntu.com , download from there the appropriate version of dpkg, unzip the file with the .deb file and search for the file you deleted there to restore it. I do not know if it's worth, there is no hint that the problem is that, it's just my idea.

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