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How to activate Instagram notifications on Android or iOS

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Although our account notifications are very useful, many times we do not receive them. This is a common problem among many Instagram users, most likely in these cases is that your account notifications are disabled. Because of this, in this article we will show you how to activate Instagram notifications on Android or iOS.

Currently more than 900 million people have an Instagram account , either to create trends, to work or simply to share photos with friends and family. Regardless of the purpose of it, we all want to know what happens in our profile, for this we need notifications . Learn the steps below:

Steps to activate Instagram notifications

Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can activate your account notifications quickly and easily. Because the procedure is the same for both operating systems, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Instagram application from your device and go to the profile of the account in which you want to activate notifications, as shown in the following image:


  1. From it, touch the button on the upper left menu that has the following icon or you can simply slide your finger to the left and the menu will be displayed automatically


  1. In it, go to the bottom left to the Configuration option that is marked with this icon


  1. From it, access the section called Notifications that is marked with a small bell.


  1. In this option you can access the settings of push notifications and notifications that come to you by email or text message, from it you can configure which notifications you want to receive and which not.


As shown in the image above. There are several sections that you can activate and / or deactivate or you can simply deactivate all notifications with the option; Pause all. Below is what each of the sections contains and what function you can activate:

The following functions are displayed in the Push Notifications category :

  • Publications, stories and comments: In this section you can activate the notifications regarding: Likes , Likes and comments on the photos in which you appear , Photos in which you appear , Comments , Likes in comments and First publications and stories .
  • Followers and followers: From here you can activate notifications regarding: Accepted follow-up requests , Friends on Instagram , Mentions in the biography , Recommendations for other people and Recommendations of other people .
  • Direct Messages: From this option you can activate notifications regarding the Instagram Direct service: Message requests , Messages and Videochats .
  • Live videos and IGTV (Instagram TV): This option can enable notifications: live video , uploads videos IGTV and Playcount in IGTV .
  • From Instagram: From this function you can activate the following notifications that Instagram provides to its users about: Reminders , Product news , Announcements and Help requests .
  • Notifications of another type: Here is the section: Email and SMS from it you can activate the functions that will provide you Emails for comments, reminders, product and Instagram news. You can also receive notifications by text messages (SMS) by activating this function.


Do they work the same for Android as for iOS?

As mentioned, the steps to activate your account notifications will work regardless of whether your device is Android or iOS. Furthermore, the steps described above will work if your Instagram account is public, private or commercial . With this simple method you will learn how to activate Instagram notifications on Android or iOS and thus find out everything that happens in your Instagram account and you will not miss any important notification, we hope that the content is useful to you.

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