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I do not get whatsapp messages until you open it.

I have this problem, until you open the whatsapp sms fail me who have sent me and it's a bitch because if I open it I do not hear.
I've seen people searched ye happens but have found no solution for me.
Anyone know of anything?
I have a stable ROM cyano.
A greeting.

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Make sure that the application is in the background when the "shut" (Settings-> Applications> Running services.
I have a friend that very burrete closed the whatsapp "killing" the application with the memory manager and clear when closing the latent service is removed so only received to reopen it.
In summary, the watsapp not actually closes out of it giving the return arrow of mobile.
Try to see if what I write, whether it's something different we look to see if we can find solution
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Hello, tell you that feel the same with whats app that no messages arrive.
by Go launcher will? by the type of rom? for its last upgrade ?, whats app since the process does not kill is left open so that's not the problem.
Those of you put here the same problem and try to solve it together.
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Happens to me too, but with wifi above, the data does not happen so much. Although I put this much is all application servers, this delay ....
6 months ago was a time that was pretty bad, turns out they were fixing a security failure fucked, it was a bug that could impersonate you on whatsapp .... And fixed (thank goodness), but few knew we had that fault . So many times, nor is the network or the ROM, ect ... It is usually fail them.
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Well, I still happening.
And as the above says partner with wifi.
Do not know if this is because when the wifi is placed on ivernacion mode or something like that ... but not going well.
Just come when I open the watasp or make me a loss. It may be for the network?
Thanks for your answers.
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In wifi I also had problems ... but with the latest roms samsung, and the directive of inactivity wifi "never off", I will charm even on wifi. THE Policy inactivity can select;
Settings - Connections Inalambricas, Wifi Settings menu button - advanced-directive inactividad- ever.
If not, try JPY modem, or another rom ...
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Hi! This is a problem I've had in several roms, and is compared to the inactivity of wifi. Depending on the rom and kernel that you may have will have the following options or not. As for me it has worked for me was:
1. wifi, advanced settings, use wifi in suspension, always choose.
2. In the system, build.pro mods, select disable sleep mode pm (this option is CreedROM Kosako rom v14, other roms know if they have one).
3. In the application of the kernel (I use semaphore manager), tweaks, fast wifi pm suspend When enabled.
I hope I have helped.
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