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People, I have a question, I have the gapps and cm12, I have my s4 mini with root and recovery, the question is that when I connect my s4 mini to pc me nothing appears internal storage or sd or anything, just the camera, no what to do or where to put gapps or cm12 thanks in!

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Well not if you help but cm12 in my s3 mini is an error that is not yet repaired if it is the same with yours

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Take away the micro sd to phone and connect to the PC with an adapter, guards there CM12 and gapps and ready. Another thing, I'm keeping those things in Mega, and your phone because you know, like downloads from there.
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Friend might be because this connected as device camera, down the notification bar while in the pc appears to modify, you should put it in storage device (something not remember the name right but appear 3 being the camera the storage and music)
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