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How can I connect my PS3 or Xbox 360 controller to my Android device

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In this brief and basic tutorial we show you how to connect your PS3 controller or Xbox 360 to any Smartphone or Tablet Android to play emulators and other securities.

Connect your PS3 controller or Xbox 360 for our Android devices is much easier than it seems . Today we will see in four simple steps how to use these controls, connected (wire-) to your Android device, to enjoy video games (and ahem, emulators) with the best possible experience. Actually the integration of physical controls tomultitouch devices seems to be one of the distinctive elements on accessories for smartphones and tablets next year, all the iOS family is preparing for it, and will soon also get some controls Android adaptable. The truth is that thanks to the versatility and openness of this platform, you can even use conventional control consoles Microsoft and Sony, no problem. Just follow these instructions:

How to connect your PS3 controller or Xbox 360 to your Android










  • First of all the most complicated, you need to have a PS3 controller or an Xbox 360 in the case of the latter, you will also need the adapter cable to connect the PC to control the PlayStation 3 simply the USB cable you use to charge your battery.
  • Then , get at RadioShack, Steren, or any conventional accessory shop, an adapter cable to micro-USB OTG , which function as the means of connection between the control and the Android device is very cheap, but a command, costs about 3 Euros.
  • The third step , just as complicated: Open the application menu on your Android, connecting all cables and press the start button on the remote. In this Pundo analog stick should work to navigate between menu options.Buttons And Xbox 360 and PS3 X will function as "enter" key.
  • Finally , load a game that has support for physical controls and enjoy. Dead Trigger, Asphalt 7, or any of OnLive, work great with these controls, including emulators on other platforms, such as PS One classics, NES, Super NES and Genesis, which allow you even customize the button assignments and commands .

Now with the change of generation of consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to come, we will have an exciting opportunity for you to get more out of our control of these platforms that are already renovated.

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