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iphone 6 error cannot connect to app store

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First of all, I guess I've found that other can surf the internet without problem but not conectaros to the iTunes Store.
With the application of closed App Store, open Settings> General> Date & Time. Disable the Auto Setup and set the date 2038-not okay to make a trip in the occasionally-time. If the year is no more than 2033 or 2038, nothing happens, to choose the highest worth, but always has to be the butt year permits. Having established the year, we left the Settings application, we close. When I write the application must close, I mean you have to finish it, do not minimize it.
A message indicating that it is impossible to connect to a server might appear. Accept it without problem.
Open the App Store application. It will surgirnos the problem and re-close it.
We went back to Settings> General> Date & Time and activate Auto Setup again. Settings closed and re-test the application of App Store. IT WORKS !!!
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