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good afternoon recently bought a smart tv model UN40EH5300 it I was figuring out there if I could update the firmaware to navigate smoothly I have the firmaware 1011.2 and this continues to show me content in Flash, also is q sometimes when I'm sailing on the it turns the screen black and restart the browser (as if it was restarted), from what I could see on the internet seems to be the firmaware. I hope you can help me with the problem if you have a firmware that can play Flash content and could facilitarmelo is the agradeceria. from already thank you.

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you can update the firmware online via TV, through the support that comes in the TV menu. I hope you serve !.


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if I did but I thought someone might have the most current firmware that perhaps is not available for my country and if it automatically updates just not the above problems are solved or also just to wait for samsumg to pick a version that does not have these problems which apparently is going to take muchooo
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where it says firmware takes?

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I have some doubts:
TV Samsung UE46C7000WWXXC:
I do not know if this model gives me the option to navigate freely. If not so, updating the firmware there was any possibility to navigate freely? BD-D5500 3D BLURAY one.I have the same question with television. 2. I lost the remote, I searched in google and did not appear clearly, would it be me any control model for my bluray player, or need one specific to my model? Thanks
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