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Hope someone can help me please because I do not know what to do :(

I recently changed my Galaxy SIII (I747) for the international version 4 brand new cores, the i9300. Everything works perfectly ... When rooting to erase my carrier applications, TELCEL, of Mexico ... I was going great ... until one day when I wake up, I see down the notification bar says "calls only emergency ". Since then I cannot send SMS, calls, or use my mobile data already and put my chip (trimmed), and one "official"  is not cut, but far ... And no longer will I quit the battery, and memory chip for a while ... And nothing I entered the Recovery menu: I did all the wipes and Factory Reset ... And nothing flash by Odin a version of Android 4.2.2 ... And nothing I went back to the stock 4.1.2 version of Telcel ... And nothing already checked the APN, network operators Settings> Mobile Networks, settings GSM / WCDMA ... And anything you already installed the patch Ariza. .. And nothing really I'm quite desperate. I knew nothing of the EFS folder until now ... And it never crossed my mind to do backup of that folder ... I do not know if that the problem is because IMEI and S / N displays the cell corresponding to the QE behind the drums ... And I can assure that before having this problem, Do not flash anything except the Root ... And I never deleted anything with root explorer or anything ... I just used Link2SD ... And yes, if I made ​​a backup of CWM before the problem, but since I restored the backup and the problem persists ... I do not know that can happen /: Now I can only use my SIII for internet and games

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If you are already rooted and dialing * # 06 # * gives you the same imei mobile, you must first make a backup of efs.
It is worth considering that is hardware problem. Something wrong with the reader sim.

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Hello my friend that happened to me many times, it's more I spend today after rotearlo I appeared on emergency calls. It is not because motives c imei lost my phone had a different, that my carrier did not register my phone, luckily I had a copy of the efs folder and my problem was solved, but as you say that correspond imeis would say this reported, you tocaria vaeriguar go to your carrier and if the case shows the invoice.
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Best answer: I have found the problem, I spend exactly the same with mine and it's very easy, just go to MENU, SETTINGS, APPLICATIONS, CALL, ALL CALLS, SHOWING MY NUMBER and there must have it
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