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I can not connect to the internet on my iphone, what happens?

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I can not connect to the internet, what happens?
Sometimes when you use a wireless network with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you may find the following problems:
  • Can not locate or join a nearby Wi-Fi network.
  • The power of Wi-Fi signal is low or weak.
  • No connection to the Wi-Fi network but can not access the Internet.
  • Tap Settings> Wi-Fi; disables Wi-Fi and then reactivate.
  • Check if you're inside of range of your router or Wi-Fi base station.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi router and cable modem / ADSL are plugged in and turned on.
  • Check if other devices (eg laptops) can connect to the Wi-Fi network and access the Internet properly.
  • Upgrade the Wi-Fi router with the latest firmware
  • Restart your iOS device.
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