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Snapchat with serious safety problems

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The popular messaging application Snapchat certainly has been the title of the application of the year, starring in several notes like his controversial message self-destruct system which gives rise to sexting and its rejection of the bid by Facebook for the not inconsiderable amount of 3 billion dollars.
Today Snapchat the headlines again, but for a very delicate problem, Gibson Security has just published a vulnerability, which puts all the security of user information at risk.
The group of Australian hackers Security Gibson has released today via his Twitter account the full report with the 2 exploits and complete API documentation. Now, thanks to this information, anyone can create an exact clone of Snapchat and jeopardize data from nearly 10 million users. Someone with minimal programming skills can learn in minutes the names, telephones and accounts of each of the users of this application.
As we have a serious problem, but why Gibson Security made this information public? because they had already given a first warning since August where they sent a full report to Snapchat with the solution that vulnerability, report that people chose to ignore Snapchat why Gibson Security now want to put them in evidence.
Such problem reveals the commitment that people Snapchat to their users because Snapchat has quickly become a popular application, both who have had the luxury of rejecting large bids, but with all this not only threatening millions of users, otherwise threatening its reputation and reliability.
Let's see where this ends, for now the recommendation is to uninstall the application and delete all data until a report that the vulnerability has been fixed or flat never reinstalling.

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