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Most all our lives using Windows operating system. Versions are changing and have been updating inevitably to Windows 8.1.
The OS Microsoft has plenty of good things, but there are others that make us question whether we would be no better off investing our time using an abacus. If you upgraded to Windows 8.1 you have probably had some problem with your WiFi connection. If not, you can stop reading this post and take the primitive.
The problem, in most cases, arises when we resume our activities after leaving the sleep state. The internet connection icon is active but do what the error message do appears on page load.
Then I will discuss the solution to this problem step by step. It is a mixture of personal experience and tips found on a couple of blogs.
Stop using Windows and installed, for example Ubuntu. I recommend it because it works for me more than fine, but as you know, there are many alternatives to SO windows. What I mean completely: since I stopped using Windows has not only increased my productivity and my good humor, but can also exit the sleep mode and connect to my WiFi smoothly.
If you're one of those "I was born with Windows and Windows will die", do not worry, there are two other possible solutions you can try.
Disable IPV6
With the Windows key + Q the search dialog opens. We write "shares" and press Enter. Window Center Network and Sharing, in which we find the "Change adapter settings" option appears.
We select our network, right-click and choose "Properties". We can only uncheck the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
Change adapter power management
If after restarting the problem persists, is just try changing the configuration management adapter power. With Windows key + Q, looking this time "Device Manager". In the Network Adapters section, we seek our own and walked Right Properties.
We uncheck the box. We do not want the adapter is disabled to save power.
If you've managed to solve the problem, congratulations! But if after reboot you still can not connect after suspend your computer, maybe you should try to Step 1. Just sayin '.
I hope you find it useful!
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