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How to hide translation links in Drupal (i18n internalization module)?

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Administration - Configuration - Multilanguage setting - NODE options (Table top) - Show links to transfer the contents 

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So what that the module is not included in my multilingual site included (i18n):
Block Languages
​​Field translation
Multilingual Content
String translation
Translations Synchronize
Variable translation
and do not forget to clean the cache
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It seems exactly what you want, but there is one thing:
I went to the Administration - Configuration - Multilanguage settings - settings of the material (as I understand it is the NODE options), and there is only one line: You can find some more per content type options on the Content types administration page, with a link to content management.
Drupal v7.12 i18n v7.x-1.4
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In the "Structure" Home »Administration» Structure - section "Content types" 
They choose what type of node likes to edit, open the "manage display" on the right. It has fields that are displayed. Naprtiv field "Language" put "Hide", that is, to hide :)

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