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How to make a screenshot in Windows Phone 8

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  1. This first step seems obvious and evident, but it is necessary to make a screenshot in Windows Phone: You must be on the screen you want to capture.
  2. Once on this screen you want to take a picture, press both buttons on (the physical button located on the right edge of the smartphone, a bit up) and start (the middle button, the Windows icon. Pantallazo captured!
  3. Where has saved the image? To view it, go to the application list and click "Photos".
  4. Once in "Photos", go to "albums" and then to "Images". You will find there your screenshot. Click on it to open it: now you can share it on social networks, send it by mail or whatever you want to do with it!
  5. Note that these steps are valid for terminals with operating system Windows Phone 8. For earlier versions such as 7 or 7.8 the option of taking screenshots is not available.
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