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How to read QR codes on Windows Phone 8

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  1. To decode a QR code with your Windows Phone 8, start by pressing the "search" (of the three buttons including the smartphone at the bottom, "back", "start" and "find" is the right a small magnifying glass).
  2. Microsoft search engine, Bing opens. In the bottom of the screen you will see two icons, one with a musical note and another with one eye. Click on the latter.
  3. Phone camera is activated. Move it until you can see the QR code you want to read on the screen (as if you were to take a picture).
  4. When you see the QR code on the screen of your Windows Phone 8, hold the phone steady so you can recognize, focus and read the code. You will see that a square is formed on the code, telling you that the smartphone has acknowledged.
  5. Automatically without you doing anything, you will see that it says "Results" on the screen and under what he has read in the QR code: a text, a URL (if so, clicking on it will direct you to the website in question), an image, geographic coordinates ... you know how to read QR codes with your Windows Phone 8!
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