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How to install the memory card in my Samsung SGH-I917 (Focus)

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All users are advised to carefully review the tutorial before inserting any microSD card on your Samsung SGH-i917 Focus with Windows Phone 7.



Windows Phone 7 / NO SUPPORT, the free exchange of microSD card.

Using unauthorized cards may cause low performance and instability cell including unexpected reboots and loss of user data.

Once the microSD inserted and formatted correctly, the memory card becomes an inseparable part of the phone.

1. Remove the battery cover

The battery cover has to be removed by your fingernail into the slot at the bottom of the phone (1) or any sharp object.

2. Push the cover down (2) and then lift (3).

Installing the memory card

The device allows you to use a microSD ™ (SD) or microSDHC ™ card to expand available memory space.

3. Push the microSD card into the slot until it clicks (as shown).

Make sure the gold pins in contact microSD face down and insert the card safely.

Warning: Once you install a secure digital card, it is formatted to work only with the phone. Can not be used with other devices.

Note: The phone has been tested to support up to a memory card of 32 GB.

Note: I am using a Transcend 8GB class 4

4. Hard Reset after inserting microSD

Turn on the device by pressing the camera Image

Volume Down key image

And power key image


When the device vibrates, release the Power button but continue pressing the camera button and volume down. Once the device shows you sure you want to format? on the screen, release the camera and volume keys.

Press the Windows Image Format the device

Press the Windows image again to confirm that you want to format the device

Warning: Do not remove the battery while the phone is formatted. Wait until the device turns on and displays the Home screen.

After formatting is complete, the phone will ignite.

Completion method, go to> Settings> System> About to check the available memory has been updated.

Note: Formatting deletes all deletes all data stored on the device.
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