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I can download and play many games on my Android HTC.  But after playing "Pixel Gun 3D", I wish to purchase some extra coins with the money I had for my birthday.  However, I cannot purchase those coins because the "error" sign would appear even though I have enough money and I'm on the right google account.  Only for that Pixel Gun game is where  I cannot buy in-game items. Help please!!

FYI: I have tried restarting phone and clearing data/cache from google accounts and play store apps.

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To do this follow these steps:
1. On your Android device, we go to Settings
2. Then to Applications, and inside we go to the tab All
3. Here locate and click on Google Services Framework
4. Once inside erase the cache, then We delete the data and force arrest.
5. advise also repeat these operations Services Google Play and Google Play Store
6. After restarting the terminal and attempt to download / upgrade an application and see if everything went well.
It seems that users who have had this problem and have followed these steps have corrected that error, although it should be noted that this process is not the most recommended by Google (you can view the details of what is involved in this process at this link)

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