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How to install Windows 8 on an external hard drive (Mac)

 I recently bought a Macbook pro, model 128 gb internal hard disdo. I make this post because I tried everywhere to find a guide to install windows on a external storage drive. Besides this, I have used several programs virtualization with VirtualBox or Parallels, but not achieving the performance you need to run both operating systems simultaneously. I would like someone to explain to me how to do the installation and urging me to work with heavy programs such as AutoCad, which is also found for mac, but in the version I have installed students no translation into Castilian.
Thank you for your attention

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use bootcamp is a utility that comes with the Mac that lets you install Windows on a partition so very easy, even you lower all drivers, layers that lets you choose the external drive, and it intalalo in the partition on the Mac
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