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Last month I bought a ZTE Blade V9 Vita but wanting to enter Engineer mode on my phone to change speaker and headphone values through the number code does not leave me, I have reviewed everything and I really can't even find the application installed I only see a call "EMode" but I do not think that is. If someone can help me I would appreciate it, my phone is not root.

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ZTE is not with MTK or qualcomm processor so you need this code on the phone (* 983 * 673636 #) if you copy it and paste it normal nothing will happen, you have to write it completely, if you do it right you will get a dialogue " emode enabled "

Hey! It is very difficult to access the emode in ZTE, since the one we know (3646633) is for devices with MTK and there is another code for qualcomm, but ZTE is with ArmCortex so it is a different code, you must first activate the developer or programmer options , activate the OEM and on the phone put * 983 * 673636 # and emode enabled will appear

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Thanks, I just did it.

That would be to enable the emode no? And to enter the engineer mode?
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