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i have a problem, since one month ago masomenos still I can not get to be a virus, when I'm surfing the chrome and I click on the web that this sailing (face, taringa, twitter, etc ...) I advertising windows open as you pass the CCleaner, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and one more to delete the name because I did not work at all do not remember, have no idea as I can get? Greetings!
anti crap

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hi, it's a bit late already solucion layers but maybe this will help someone else to me it worked: You have to go to Control Panel> Programs and Features, and check for any that "Yontoo" is called. If I uninstall it because it is an Adware, software not authorized by you opening advertising without your consent.
if they work or not, please publish your response and thus help others.
I had the same problem these tabs (with mozilla firefox) that opened alone with advertising and solved it well.
Another thing I read was to disable extensions, but my thing was that program.
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they pass the ccleaner and antispyware and does not work, it is advisable to see how guiigue says: go to Start> Control Panel> Programs and Features
and verify what is installed on their pc's because there are other programs that throw you publicity and have other names (bundled software, delta crhome tolbar, or things like that)
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Search and install this program "AdwCleaner" I did it with Mozilla Firefox and never had problems tabs will have all the time with advertising ..
It's great program, I recommend ..
I hope that my contribution will help them, hug them all ...
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