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Have an iPhone 6 or 6 plus and have upgraded to iOS 8.0.1? Let's see how to solve the problem faster

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we are facing one of the worst weeks for Apple that we can remember. We started the week with some outstanding sales, continue with complaints from users saying that iPhone 6 plus doubled and now we have an update for iOS that has had to be withdrawn by major problems.
First of all, the problem seems to be exclusive to the new models of iPhone, 6 and 6 plus. Only users who have any of these terminals appear to have experienced the problem. This lies in loss of coverage and lock Touch ID. Apple has already removed the update and in the coming hours will remedy the error. But anyone with an iPhone 6 who have upgraded need a solution.
The first is to connect the iPhone to iTunes and restore the terminal, in the absence of iOS 8.0.1, iTunes will restore the terminal to version 8.0
If this fails, there is still solution. We can download the file to restore iOS 8 for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. Once downloaded, just have to update the iPhone from iTunes. We will let you upgrade iPhone with the button (on Windows) or Alt (Mac) Control button. Itunes let us find the file you've downloaded and may update (Downgrade rather) the iPhone with this version of iOS 8.
If none of this works, we can force the iPhone to DFU mode to connect to iTunes to restore it automatically.
Recall that to put the iPhone in DFU mode have to press both the "Home" and "Sleep" button for 10 seconds, release the "Sleep" button and hold the "Home" button for 5 seconds. Once released the iPhone screen should go black. Remember that this will have to do with the iPhone connected via USB to computer and iTunes started.

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