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Good evening I'm new to the forum I would like someone to help me with q this problem q is q I have had my iphone days ago released from jail ... and ios 5.1.1 but the upgrade to 6.1.3 and now it does not recognize the sim in the info or the carrier or ICCID does not appear to me and also the wifi drops of time is the fa aid greatly appreciate it! q is the baseband is 06.15.00 from q I'll take the upgrade and it seems strange that xq to my knowledge is the ipad baseband but more q vulvo restore with itunes still the same baseband

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Not that the firmware you downloaded to restore was a custom which does not change the BB? 
If this release for ultrasn0w, that BB gives many problems in iOS 6.X. I would lower the BB to 05.13 to unlock with ultrasn0w.

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   You must restore with redn0w, baseband to change that, as the world gives all operating problems. 

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 Sim card  not recognised  indicates that your phone is locked with your current network . Make sure that your phone accept other network mobilesim cards. If no, you need to unlock it from your servcie provider or from any of the online vendors like  TheUnlockSpot.com   to unlock it . After unlocking your phone, you can use any other sim cards with it .

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