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Good trades . I acquired a blu j2 and reset it to the factory, well, when I turn on the phone he asks me to use an email account and I try to enter my account and he tells me that I must enter an account associated with the owner of the phone. Nor does it allow me to do anything else, not even access the computer, that is, it allows me anything until I enter the email you request. as I can restore it that the tlf can be used, it doesn't matter if no email is added, that can be done later. I appreciate the help you can give me. Thank you.

I want to clarify that the phone was purchased as a new package and I simply wanted to reset it to the factory since it is very slow. I make the clarification so that they do not treat me as a thief as it happened on the "yoreparo" page. who configured it to buy it left the country and it was not possible to contact him. Many thanks in advance for the help

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because of what that mobile looks like, it has been used because it asks for the previous Google account, that is the protection of Google and or you put the data of that account or you will not be able to use the phone, go to where you bought it ...

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Thank you very much for your response and the time you give me. Good. In the early morning, after the need on the internet, I managed to ROTATE the device and it looked like new and with my google account. I thank you and the community for taking some time for me. Thank you
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