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Good morning everyone, I changed the folder "My Music" to pray hard drive and obviously I lost all my playlists that had made so much effort on Itunes, how could restore the library as it was before ?. Thank you very much in advance

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 First, you have to do before making ALWAYS manipulations playlists or songs movements from one place to another is to make a full backup of your iTunes library. To do this go to "File / Library / export library." This creates recovery file that contains: all the playlists you've created, all the tags of the songs in your library, all song ratings, play counts, insertion dates of songs, etc. That file backup if you need it or if it is not want to start from 0.
So if you do not have that file backup can do the following: 1) cross your fingers. 2) look here: "\ iTunes \ iTunes Previous Libraries \"
In this location you will find automatic backups iTunes does your library. The files have names like "iTunes Library 2011-03-03". Each of them will be used to restore the library at that time. If you have a file with the date on which the original library had your correct for these lucky.
That said, if you have that file backup can do the following.
Previous Notes: In case you do not know there are two folders important, the music folder and the folder itunes. ITunes Folder is where iTunes stores all data in the library. This folder is usually located in "C: \ Users \ User \ Music" that is, the default music folder system. Then would the folder where you keep all the music files (ie, files mp3, m4a, etc.). This folder can place it wherever you want. ITunes folder will be stored forever in where you have located the folder default music system and you can not choose your location from the iTunes program.
I understand you have "hundreds" of playlists and not 4 or 5 lists loose. Now the eye, there are two types of playlists normal and smart. The method I'm going to say is to keep the smart playlists, NOT NORMAL. If you want to save the normal should do it one by one and in text format! (xml).
That said you should do the following:
1) to restore everything as you had originally, ie, move the files to their original locations to use file backup library.
2) restore the backup of the library by importing the library file in question. At this point we have the whole library ok but with mp3 files located in a direction you do not want.
3) Now do the following, think 5 smart playlists with this information:
In the list of the picture you create a playlist with files that had one star. Then create another for songs with 2 stars, 3, 4, 5 and 0 stars. I understand that you score the music and you are interested in saving the data. If you score in the music then you can skip this step 3 and 4.
4) Now guards in text format (important) 6 lists that you created in step 3 in 6 files independent.
4a) If you have playlists of normal (not SmartLists) now guards individually and in text format.
5) Now dregs from the iTunes library all the music there appears but without erasing the drive physically (obviously).
6) Now close your itunes and re-open. See that you have playlists created but empty of content since no music.
7) Now make a copy library security guards and the file as "playlists".
8) Now removes all the playlists you have in iTunes without leaving any and close and open the program. The program will be as newly installed, that is, without music or playlists.
9) Now move all mp3 files to the location you are interested in, for example: D: \ My Music
10) Now add that folder to the iTunes library and you wait for the data analysis. then close the program itunes and re-open.
11) will have all the music newly added by without your playlists and music without scoring.
12) Now you import the file backup step 7 and import all your playlists coup. These lists should appear correctly in iTunes unless you have edited the tags of the songs with an external program. You will see that the lists are not SmartLists be empty, therefore these should delete and import that you created in step 4.
13) Now mind lists created in Step 3 and would use to apply to all issues hit 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars. thus already have the music punctuated as tapeworms initially.
14) Finally, you've got it all.
greetings and good luck
PD look very eye doing this it takes work. I recommend that you make a backup of the data folder itunes before starting if you mess up.
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modifying the genre of music from itunes to a custom genre:
1) select the topics they want to change the genre
2) Button right and choose "get imformation." you shall have this:
in the blanks write what interests you. If you leave it blank does not change anything. If you write something applies all selected topics.
eye if you do this do it after you have fixed it in the library or have problems with the file recovery because you do not work !!!
council, part of using custom genres can also use the field "group". That can put eg, quiet music, ministry of sound, etc. so you can use this tag to create a custom smartlist
greetings and good luck!
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Thank you very much osky , preserving your directions like a bible involved.
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My problem is the following:
I had to reformat and reinstall all my mac.
I have my music library on an external hard drive and since she wore. He did not use the Mac hard drive
How could restore my copy songs from external hard drive, keeping the external hard drive and iTunes library. If I add directly to me copy the Mac hard drive and do not know if changing the location of the library from iTunes before bothering the good or importarar√° me double.

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