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  • Turn on Wi-Fi Connection and detection. The access point to observe the connectivity to the internet. If you can not get the connection, you can start the factory reset procedure.
  • From the home screen, you must slide an empty space to open the application tray.
  • Tap Settings, Go to Generaly Address and finally to Reset and Rest Network Settings.
  • Tap on the Reset settings and enter the PIN
  • You have to touch Restore settings again and once the procedure is completed, you will notice the appearance of a confirmation window.

After this procedure, the following changes can take place in the device.

  • Elimination of stored wifi networks.
  • Paired Bluetooth devices will be erased.
  • The restrictive configuration of data that you have enabled / disabled manually will be restored to the default configuration.
  • The background data synchronization settings will be activated.
  • The selection mode of the network will be automatic.

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