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I put a password (lock) on my Samsung Galaxy s5 and cannot remember it.  My phone is locked and I have used almost all of my allowed attempts.  I would like for the password to be removed.  Could you please help me with this problem.

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First method to unlock Android on the Samsung Galaxy S5
To unlock this form of Android on the Samsung Galaxy S5 you need access to the system. When you're on the home screen, follow these steps:


  • Lower the notification bar and press the button gear.
  • On the next screen click "Backup and Restore"
  • Now press factory data reset
  • You will receive a warning and then you can start the process
  • Within a few minutes the Samsung Galaxy S5 restart and get access to the main screen, there can configure the first use of mobile to finish.
For this second method desloquear Android on your Samsung Galaxy S5 no need to access the menu, just follow the instructions marked below and you will achieve restore even if you have a pattern of active blocking:
  • Press the volume button and hold more and also press the start button beside the off button
  • When you see an android with some blue in the center release all buttons and wait to enter the menu
  • Within this menu move with the volume buttons until "Wipe data / Factory reset" when you're there you press the power button to confirm your choice
  • Redo the same for "Yes - Delete all user data" and wait for the process to finish
  • Once you return to the main screen press the power button to restart your mobile
Usually, if you have not had problems and you should have a Samsung Galaxy S5 factory, and you have managed to unlock Android that.
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1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a SIM card from a source other than the terminal operator.
2. If the card has a PIN, enter the PIN and press OK.
3. The phone will say SIM LOCK, now enter the code and press OK.
The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be free.
I hope it was helpful information.
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