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 the fact is that I have a HTC One X which does not turn, I connect the charger and soon the red light comes on intermittently.
A which may be due this ?, from behind this something hot, like cogiese load but will not start. There is a flashed, nor was he to miss anything, osease to completely rule out some kind of brick.
Salu2 and thanks in advance for the answers.
EDIT: Bootloader mode starts.

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If you guarantee it is best that you take it to sat, before deleting

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No, no warranty in place, replace the battery touch.
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Hold on a bit and leave it charging, as also happens to mine and is due to heating of the processor and to avoid physical harm, lets not load. So I say, leave about 15 min with or without the charger and see you work. If it is not, you know it touches. greetings
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Load it but connected to the PC, be patient, give him half an hour and you should turn. Then you can reload normally. Ojala help serve you!
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The flashing LED not mean it is not charging, it just means that the battery was at such a critical load level that you have to leave it until the light stays fixed (minimum battery to operate).

Connect it to the charger (not the computer as you say above it has less amperage and take longer to load) and leave for an hour and once with the steady turn it on.
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In the end I settled for changing the battery on the other, I must say that often pain in the ass, what more fucked me is the fucking button, put it there and put it either led me longer than reemoplazar battery.
Anyway, happy ending, the old battery crusade and therefore not cogia load. In fact already been verified at the time leaving plugged in all night with the result of absolute zero load.
 thanks for the answers, who pass him know that changing it solves the problem.
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