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How can I apply alphabetical pager for Drupal 7 views? (glossary view)

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First download and activate Glossary View module.

Create a view

Show : Fields

Add a field : for example title

Sort : Alphabetical (ASCending)

Click Advanced

Add a contextual filter (title)

When the filter value is NOT in the URL

- Basic validation -UserNumericPHP CodeClassification termContent
Display all results for the field UnspecifiedShow "Page not found"Display a summaryDisplay contents of "No results found"Display "Access Denied"


This title will be Displayed on the edit page views instead of the default one. This might be Useful if you have the same item twice.
Glossary mode Applies a limit to the number of characters used in the filter value, which Allows the summary view to act as a glossary.
How many characters of the filter value to filter against. If set to 1, all fields starting with the first letter in the filter value would be matched.


How to make glossary with numbers on Drupal 7?
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