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I want to change mobile: Samsung Galaxy S5, LGG3 or Sony Xperia Z2 ?

Hi everyone, I have some time thinking about changing mobile, and after much searching I have focused on the three smartphones indicating the title, what do you recommend me and why?

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I have read as:
· OUTDOOR: S5> IgG3> Z2
DISPLAY: 5.5 '' 2K IgG3 (even if this causes more power than the S5, please
roughly 10% less autonomy), and 1080p the 5.1 '' of S5 and 5.2 '' the Z2
· CAMERA: S5 and Z2 similar> IgG3
· Autonomy: Z2 (no removable battery)> S5 (Battery removable)> IgG3 (Battery removable)
· RAM: S5 and IgG3 have 2GB and 3GB Z3 has
· DESIGN: S5 much as perhaps the most beautiful sight that the Z2 g3.
· PROTECTIONS: IgG3 not, s5 if z2 yes, but despite this I would not mess
with a mobile water, as it has been several cases that break and not covered by warranty.
· MATERIALS: Z2> IgG3 and S5
ADDITIONAL DATA: As I read in the forum HTCMania the lg g3 has problems
lag, and heating (for now, although I have also seen that several users say
this is improving).
So I recommend in this case or z2 or the s5.
However the IgG3 is a great terminal, and if you want because you have seemed
nice go for the fearless, in these ranges usually disappoint either.
I if I were to get wet, would catch s5, for two reasons:
1) Because it is more compact than z2, when sony have stoop a bit these frameworks
2) On the software, I like visually than the Z2
A greeting. (Do not know if I was wrong about something, but if so, that a colleague correct!)
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Hello. I have the Lg G3, before I had a Galaxy S3, I can say that with normal use I give (a few hours of navigation (mostly by wifi), download and try some apps, Facebook, Whatsapp, calls, sms and take some pictures my son (do not use it for games because I could not find one that hooks me) the battery lasts me until two days, that in the Galaxy S3 barely came to complete the day. the famous lag I do not notice, it can be on rare occasions it takes a millisecond to draw drawer applications. but that's beside the S3 it took a few seconds this is paradise. what if I happened is that when I put the widget weekly calendar view lg, the transition between screens became very slow, change the traditional view and everything returned to normal, obviously it is wrong for that application only. the outdoor screen looks wonderful, well above the Galaxy S3, the 5.5 "in a small body I look fantastic, resolution 2k not see decisive in relation to a full hd but if it is welcome. The camera is very good. sharp pictures with natural colors defined but even indoors, and this watching them on the monitor, pc, much better than the Galaxy s3. In my experience, the Samsung Touchwiz leery enough of an extremely heavy layer and the fluidity of his teams always load.
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