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How to set up Wi-Fi on the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3)?

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In this post I show you how to configure the WI-FI for your Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3). Well it is very easy to do, the first thing to do is go to our home screen and select the Menu button. In this part we choose the Settings button called in English would Settings.
In this part, when we enter the settings window will see several options, select the called party in English would be "Wireless and network" "Wireles and network". Here we enable the call option WI-FI to continue when the WI-FI is activated your phone automatically seek access points WI-FI.
If you can not find access points WI-FI, click on "Search" to search again. In this part they WI-FI networks available to them will appear, select the name of your access point, if required password and then put it when already press Connect.
In this part and visualize your access point connected.
To disable WI-FI just go to your home screen and choose your notification panel called party WI-FI and is disabled. This was his post on how to configure the Samsung Galaxy SIII WI.FI in (S3) I hope you like.

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