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Hi I need a help of this wonderful forum, I urged change my imei galaxy s4, I could help??? I searched online but I can not find the key!

how to change imei samsung galaxy s4 can you help me

imei changer for galaxy s4 without pc

how to twerk Samsung galaxy s4 imei without pc

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I have a copy china s4 and I went wrong ... nobody hears me when I call assumes that the phone came with bad microphone l ... you know how to solve this problem?

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Hello! I bought s4 in physical store, if you want to buy, I recommend buying the physical store, because you can see if you have any problem  is up to you. To me, it seems that the battery is not right with the reason that does not last long. I use it only a month, and now I changed the battery. 
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The imei can not be changed. It's like the identity card of a person. 
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What is IMEI? But I change my mobile imei what is this? But I can change my mobil
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there are some ınfo here


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