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There are several programs that are dedicated to delete the davilk-cache but only partially do it, do not erase it completely and I wonder why?

I have set it to delete it manually and I have found the problem that now many applications show in link2SD Dex: 0KB

I have a second partition on the SD card where I linked the davilk-cache and I have completely deleted it from / data / sdext2 / davilk-cache

After doing so now link2SD says the applications that were linked are no longer. I tell him to re-link them and he does not obey. It simulates doing it but it does not. These apps no longer start and show Dex: 0KB

Is it possible to manually delete all caches and davilk-cache?

I think I have done it in the past without problems but now I have been dozens of useless apps.

In this second partition I only link davilk-cache in theory if I want to change one card for another can I do it again to rename the davilk-cache?

Thank you

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I have 200 apps installed and linked the dalvik-cache almost all to the second partition of the SD with Link2SD. When you manually delete the dex files from the dalvik-cache folder on the second partition or when you change the SD Android tries to bind them in the internal storage space of the device and, as there is not enough space to create them, leave the dex files in 0 KiB of all the apps you have not been able to link to.

At this point I tried to link them back to the second partition of the SD but since there was not a single KiB of internal storage space, to create a shortcut, Link2SD did not create them.

The solution has been to delete anything so that the system allows me to re-create links.

For apps that I have not manually linked, only the .dex file has been created when the system reboots until the storage space is exhausted. Must repeat the process again.

On the other hand I have tried to change the SD partitioned by another, just create the partitions and copy the contents or re-create the links without recreating the assembly script.

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