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Good afternoon everyone.

I am very ignorant about phone matters, I only use a couple of apps, calls and simple settings. I mean, I do not understand many of the instructions that I see in the forum, such as "check the launcher" and things like that.

I connected the ultra-energy saving mode as before, dragging down the menu at the top edge of the screen and clicking on the battery icon. It never gave me problems.

Today I observed: the screen is black. When I press it for use, the dot grid does not appear to draw the unlock pattern. When they call me, no drawing appears that allows me to touch the screen to answer. I tried to turn off the phone by pressing the right side button and it does not turn off. The only thing that occurred to me was to momentarily remove the sim card and reposition it.

What I achieved is: the screen is still black. When I press the right side button, I get a message: "there is no SIM card (yes there is!)", Accompanied by the saving mode icon, the coverage lines and the battery with 5% charge .

It does not open any menu by pulling these symbols down or clicking on them.

In other dialogues I read that they recommended touching a few "dots", but I have not seen any group of dots in my phone.

I have thought about letting the battery run out and putting it to charge, but I'm afraid that the problem will continue and I will be unable to understand the aparatejo.

Does anyone know any more useful method than my tests? Thank you all.

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It is assumed that the battery saving modes only work when the equipment is disconnected from electricity, have you tried doing this while charging the battery? you should disable the ultra saving mode when connecting it, also try a forced shutdown, for this press together volume - (or volume + for forced restart) and turn off for about 5 - 10 seconds

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A thousand thanks, I did not know about the forced shutdown and finally I could restart it.
Plugging it into charge did not uninhabited me the happy way.
Thanks again, you have taken me out of a hurry!
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